On these pages you will find information in english regarding power supply and grid rental. 


About Troms Kraft and what we do

As a grid owner it is our responsibility to transport the power you buy, from your power supplier, to your residence or office building. Troms Kraft owns and operates the power grid in 15 municipalities.

Troms Kraft is not a power supplier. It's the customers responsibility to find and choose a power supplier. For information on suppliers and prices please contact your electricity provider or visit The Competition Authority's website.

As grid owner we are required to deliver the power until you get a contract with an electricity provider, this duty is called "Leveringsplikt". This type of power supply can be more expensive than delivery by contract from an electricity provider.


The market price of electricity is determined at the Nordic power exchange; Nord Pool. In addition each product/company has a fee. The transmission cost/fee the local grid owner is allowed to take  is regulated by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate.