Not an electricity provider

Grid operators, as Troms Kraft Nett, have a statutory duty to supply electricity until the customer has entered into an agreement with and started receiving electricity from an electricity providers. In norwegian the duty is called "Leveringsplikt".


In accordance with the regulations issued by NVE (the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate) relating to metering, billing, etc, the prices and terms offered by the grid operators under their statutory duty to supply electricity shall be designed such that the customer is given an incentive, after the first six weeks, to enter into an ordinary electricity supply contract.


First six weeks

Spot price quoted on NordPool + mark-up of NOK 0,0625/kWh inc VAT

After the first six weeks

Spot price quoted on NordPool + mark-up of NOK 0,1250/kWh inc VAT  


It is the customer’s responsibility to find and choose an electricity provider. When you order electricity from an electricity provider, it's their job to notify us and make sure that your grid rental is ok from the same date. You are not supposed to order grid rental directly from us - you're electricity provider will see to that. The electricity provider is also responsible for the billing. Any questions about your invoice should therefor be adressed to your electricity provider.


For comparison of different electricity providers and prices please visit Grid rental cost are to be paid in addition.